My name is Krisztina Németh. I am working as AVIVA's method instructor since 2012. 


I finished my studies in University of Physical Education.


I met with AVIVA's method in 2010 when I had policystic ovary disease. As my mentor (Tóth Livia) told me, the reason was birth control pill. Hormones in the pill put my body imbalance. 


Birth control pill had rapid-easy advantages such as regular menses, no premenstual symptoms, no grips on the other hand there were some disandvantages like gynegological disorders, thrombosis, headache, imbalanced endocrine system.


When I finished with pill and started to do AVIVA's exercises, I feel myself healthier and thanks for the AVIVA after half year, cystas, grips, headache disappeared and I have a healthy endocrine system.


I think every women should know this method because this is a solution for lots of problem in women life without any chemicals.